I have previously written about the benefits of learning a new language. It is enriching and rewarding, but sometimes it can be very challenging, too. Here you have some useful tips to make it easier.

  1. If you want to achieve fluency, you need to read, write, listen and speak.
  2. If you take a language course remember to study also at home. Even the best teacher can’t make you learn the language if you don’t make an effort.
  3. It’s better to study one hour several times a week than many hours once a week. Constant repetition is the key to learning.
  4. Listen as much as possible from the beginning and don’t mind if you don’t understand, it doesn’t matter. Watch movies and tv-series on the Internet and listen to music. This will train your ear and improve your pronunciation,  listening comprehension and speaking skills. Listening also helps to learn new vocabulary faster.
  5. Use pen and paper. According to multiple studies writing by hand helps you retain information better. Even if you participate in an online course make sure that you have pen and paper next to your computer.
  6. Don’t be afraid to communicate, use the language. You won’t learn to speak if you don’t open your mouth.
  7. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, mistakes are part of the learning process.
  8. Be patient, language learning is a slow and uneven process.
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