Every New Year most of us make promises and if this year your promise is to study a foreign language how to keep it? Here are some tips.

  1. Make specific goals and schedule them: When do I start? How many days per week? Until summer or throughout the year? Make your new goals a priority.
  2. Share these goals with family or friends. It takes some personal courage to share something you may not achieve, but social support is critical. 
  3. Join a group. The social atmosphere always helps and it doesn’t have to be a study group, you can find for example a Facebook group for language learners.
  4. Make it pleasant. Language learning doesn’t mean that you just have to sit hours at your desk memorizing words. Do something fun like watch a movie or listen to music in that language or download a mobile app.
  5. Measure progress. Reflect on where you started and where you are, this will motivate you.
  6. Be patient. No one learns a language in a month. And remember that progress is never linear.
  7. Something is better than nothing. If you don’t have time to study 5 days a week you can study just one hour twice a week. Psychologist Paul Marciano says, “Any effort towards your goal is better than no effort.”
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