Latinos have a special set of traditions and rituals on New Year’s Eve. Some of the traditions below are unique to specific countries but many are celebrated in various nations.

  • Eating 12 Grapes: As the clock strikes midnight, people make sure to eat 12 grapes — one for good luck in each month of the new year.
  • Picking the Right Underwear: Yellow underwear, for example, is thought to bring good luck or fortune in the new year. 
  • Burning Effigies: Burning “muñecos” of people who played a big role in news or politics throughout the previous year is how some signify doing away with the old. The muñecos are displayed after Christmas and then burned in a bonfire. 
  • Uncooked lentils in pocket: People put a handful of uncooked lentils in pocket to ensure a prosperous new year.

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